Producing the finest quality,
Locally Raised Beef Since 1980
Wisconsin State Inspected

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Litchke Farms, Inc.
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Why Dry Aged Beef?

Beef is like a fine wine, it must be precisely aged to produce an enhanced succulent taste and superior tenderness not replicated in any other processing method other than dry-aging. At Litchke Farms all of our beef is naturally dry-aged and vacuum sealed under WI State supervision to ensure that you get the freshest and most desired product for your family.

Litchke Farms, Inc. - Superior, WI

Producing the Finest Quality, Locally Raised Beef Since 1980

Row of Lim-Flex Beef Eating


It’s about the raising process. It’s about the dry-aging process. It’s about getting high-quality, flavorful, fresh beef to your dinner table. At Litchke Farms, Inc. we are proud to be a farm-direct source for natural 100% pure beef. Located in Superior, WI; just east of Duluth, MN and South of Superior, WI in Douglas County, we raise chemical-free, antibiotic-free, natural beef that is corn fed and naturally dry- aged right in our own processing plant.


We are committed to quality; as such, we oversee and take part in every aspect of getting quality beef to your dinner table. All of our beef are born on our farm, raised on our farm, and processed in our own WI State Inspected processing facility located on our farm. We pride ourselves on producing source-verified beef that is simply delicious. Our natural raising methods promote healthy animals, while our natural dry-aging method promotes meat that is melt-in-your-mouth flavorful and amazingly tender.


We welcome you to try Litchke Farms natural beef, opt for a half, quarter or try our ground beef. We also provide custom meat processing of your livestock, performing the harvesting, cutting and packaging of your beef, pork, or sheep. Contact us for additional information about our services or to place an order for our beef. We look forward to being your local, farm-direct source for delicious, natural beef!


Litchke Farms is Inspected by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture on a daily basis.