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Quality Compost Available for Pick-Up or Delivery

At Litchke Farms it's no secret that we raise chemical free, corn and grass feed beef. Along with raising beef comes a plethora of side services, including creating quality compost. Unlike other compost providers, our product is primarily made from beef manure and continually ground to produce a nutrient rich, good consistency soil additive.


Why Use Litchke Farms' Compost?


  • Nearly entirely produced from the natural waste (manure) of grass and corn feed beef cattle
  • All natural product – NO chemicals, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO pesticides
  • Higher quality, nutrient rich Farm Compost
  • Improved growing results – larger, healthier plants with stronger root systems
  • Increased moisture retention when compared to light soils
  • Assists with soil erosion prevention
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Not just local dirt filled with high-peat content
  • Available for Pick-Up or Bulk Delivery


Our compost customers have raved about the growing results they've achieved with our amazing farm compost. Perfect for flower beds, potted plants, fruit and vegetable gardens, our compost makes for a natural growth enhancer helping you grow better looking plants and better tasting produce.


Take your growing methods back to the days before chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides; consider using an all natural, farm compost product with proven results. Contact us at Litchke Farms today to ask questions and arrange compost delivery.