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Natural, consistent, and precise; it takes planned know-how and constant monitoring throughout every phase to produce the finest beef, but at Litchke Farms we wouldn't think of doing it any other way. From choice bloodlines and selective breeding, along with natural pastures and hormone-free raising, right down to impeccable cleanliness and scrutinized dry aging, we are picky in every aspect of getting our beef from our farm to your freezer.

Chemical Free. Naturally Dry Aged. No Hormones. Corn Fed.

For Natural Beef Think Litchke Farms in Superior, WI.


Litchke Farms' Cattle HerdWhen it comes to beef it’s not just about knowing what type of animal it is and what it eats, it’s about knowing exactly where it came from. At Litchke Farms, Inc. our beef cattle are born, raised, and processed in a pristine, natural environment right here on our very own farm in Superior, Wisconsin. Originally selected for their fine genetics, we continually breed and raise superior beef.


We maintain a herd of Angus Limousin Cross Breeds known as Lim-Flex; these are created by breeding our Angus bulls with our Limousin dames. Why the combination you ask? Well, Limousin cattle are genetically very lean and when crossed with the increased marbling content of Angus, the result is superior meat. The combination of Limousin and Angus produces the best influence of both - - greater leanness with just the right amount of speckled marbling. In the end, a hanging half or quarter of Lim-Flex is more muscular than traditional pure Angus, resulting in more meat for your dollar.


All of our beef cattle are raised on an all-natural diet consisting of corn and lush green pastures free of commercial fertilizers. At Litchke Farms we are fully-committed to producing the finest beef as naturally as possible. We do not use any form of growth hormones, antibiotics, feed enhancers, or commercial fertilizers. When you get beef from us, you are getting meat that is naturally dry aged, chemical free, locally raised, and all natural. Our beef is simply 100% pure beef.


The next time your freezer needs restocking, think Litchke Farms. We truly are a local, all natural alternative to commercially produced beef. Contact us for additional information or to place an order.


What is Dry Aged Beef?

Superior Tenderness ~ During the dry aging process, natural enzymes within the beef are released, assisting in the breakdown of connective tissue and resulting in a more tender cut of meat.


Outstanding Flavor ~ Dryness is key. As moisture evaporates from the unwrapped meat its natural flavor becomes increasingly concentrated, resulting in more flavorful meat cuts.

Dry aged beef is meat that has undergone a time-honored, high-quality technique that was once considered industry standard but is now often only utilized by old-time butchers and specialty meat processors. Dry aged beef is sought-after by serious chefs for its superior tenderness, and outstanding flavor.


So what is dry aging? Getting into the heart of it, or the meat of it, dry aging is a process in which large cuts of beef are left unwrapped under consistently low refrigeration temps for numerous days. At Litchke Farms we operate with cold-storage lockers that are constantly monitored for proper temperature ranges, immaculate cleanliness, and ideal lighting. Not to mention that our beef is naturally dry aged under the daily supervision of an experienced butcher and a WI State Inspector to ensure that the strictest standards are being met.